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Specific Repairs

Prices listed below are average costs for repairs and may vary depending on condition of bicycle

Tube/Tire Install: $10

Chain Install: $20

Brake Pad Install: $20

Shifting Adjustment: $25

Brake Adjustment: $25

Wheel Truing: $20

Hydraulic Brake Bleed: $20 per wheel

Tubeless Conversion: $20 per wheel

Suspension Fork Rebuild: $65

Wheel Build: $60

Rim Lace-over: $45

Basic Component Installation: $25

Headset Installation: $40

Bottom Bracket Installation: $30

Accessory Installation: $20

Pricing is for labor only, parts will be estimated separately. Specific repairs may be discounted when added with a comprehensive repair or other specific repair. Feel free to call and inquire about specific services if you don't see your repair needs on this menu.

Comprehensive Repairs


Repair Estimate: Free No charge to assess condition of bikes to determine parts and labor necessary to return bicycle to functioning condition.

Safety Check: $35 Brake adjustment and tightening of handlebar, stem, seat, crank, pedal, minor shifting adjustments and wheel hardware.

Tune Up: $65 Basic cleaning, lubricating and adjusting of shifting, braking, wheel(truing and hub adjustments) and any necessary basic component installations included.

Touch Up: $50 This service is offered only on bikes that have been tuned up in our store within the previous 6 months. This covers all the same services as a tune up.

Pricing may vary depending on bicycle: corrosion, excessive build up of lubricant residues or improperly applied products (don't put "Armor-All" on your bicycle rims). Specialty parts installations may require additional labor. All recommended parts must be installed for 90 day satisfaction guarantee on labor.