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Specific Repairs

Prices listed below are average costs for repairs and may vary depending on condition of bicycle

Tube/Tire Install: $15

Chain Install: $25

Brake Pad Install: $20

Shifting Adjustment: $30

Brake Adjustment: $30

Wheel Truing: $20+

Hydraulic Brake Bleed: $25 per wheel

Tubeless Tire Installation: $25 per wheel

Suspension Fork Rebuild: $65+

Wheel Build: $60+

Rim Lace-over: $45+

Basic Component Installation: $25

Headset Installation: $40+

Bottom Bracket Installation: $30

Accessory Installation: $20

Pricing is for labor only, parts will be estimated separately. Specific repairs may be discounted when added with a comprehensive repair or other specific repair. Feel free to call and inquire about specific services if you don't see your repair needs on this menu.

Comprehensive Repairs


Repair Estimate/Minimum Labor: $20 Covers labor for estimation and storage and handling of bicycle or basic repair. Non-refundable even if service is refused. Will be charged at time of drop-off for new customers.

ABC Check: $20 Air, Brakes and Chain; this is a very basic while you wait servicing. Inflating tires, lubing chain and minor braking and shifting adjustments.

Safety Check: $40 Brake adjustment and tightening of handlebar, stem, seat, crank, pedal, minor shifting adjustments and wheel hardware.

Basic Tune Up: $75 Basic cleaning, lubricating and adjusting of shifting, braking, wheel(truing and hub adjustments) and any necessary basic component installations included.

Performance Tune Up: $100 Includes all services in Basic Tune Up, plus hub and bottom bracket cleaning and lubricating, plus noise remediation services (tracking down and minimizing noises from hubs, bottom brackets, cranksets and pedals).

Perfomance Hydraulic Disc Brake Bike Tune Up: $120 Includes all services of a Performance Tune Up; plus disc brake bleeds. This service is necessary for any quieting or disc brake pad replacement.

Performance Full Suspension Mountain Bike Tune Up: $150 Includes all the services of hydraulic disc brake tune up plus cleaning and lubricating rear suspension assemblies. This service is necessary for tracking down and minimizing any noises coming out of suspension linkages.

Touch Up: $50 This service is offered only on bikes that have been tuned up in our store within the previous 6 months. This covers the basic cleaning, lubricating and adjusting of our $75 tune up. Does not include labor for any parts or accessory install.

Pricing may vary depending on bicycle: corrosion, excessive build up of lubricant residues or improperly applied products (don't put "Armor-All" on your bicycle rims). Specialty parts installations may require additional labor. All recommended parts must be installed for 90 day satisfaction guarantee on labor.